The Best Birthday Ever!

So the weekend is well and truly over and after having four days off, today I had to get back to reality, starting with a very unmotivated trip to the gym followed by a healthy lunch, job applications and dissertation work. Zzz.

Yesterday was my birthday! I had the most fantastic day filled with love, laughter and some of the best company a girl could ask for. On the previous Saturday I also celebrated with great friends in the evening and then had a relaxing (hungover) Sunday before the actual day. So all in all, I was very spoiled with a celebration-filled few days.

Starting on the Saturday, me and Robbert had a nice relaxing day, did a little bit of shopping and then got the house ready for the evening. Our friends were coming over to celebrate my birthday before we headed out to a club. We had a really fun evening filled with beer, birthday pie, and perhaps one-too-many shots.

FullSizeRender (1)

Polaroids of Saturday evening and Monday morning


The only picture taken in the club ha

Robbert got up early on the Sunday to go to Zandvoort circuit as we had two VIP tickets, however, I knew I would feel worse for wear so kindly gave my ticket to our friend Lex. And thank God I did, as I slept until about 2pm and lazily spent the rest of my day on the sofa with rubbish telly and an impulsive Dominos order.

When Rob returned in the evening we had a little Pokemon Go adventure (yes, I am equally as obsessed as everyone else right now) before a chill night in. I knew I wouldn’t sleep well – I am like a child – I still get so excited for my birthday and wake up early eager to open my cards and gifts, haha.

So there I was on the morning of my birthday, desperate to tear open the large birthday package my mum had sent days earlier, wide awake at 8am waiting for Rob to come back from the bakery with breakfast in bed treats and, more importantly, coffee. When he returned we munched on a variety of croissants whilst I rustled through all of my cards and gifts. Despite being away from home, I was still very spoiled and felt very special. I then blasted out Taylor Swift – 22, because, lets be honest, I have been waiting to do that for the whole year.

After getting ready and putting on a sun dress (as we realised it was 27 degrees) we headed into the town centre to visit a few stores I got gift vouchers for, and to get Robbert some new summer clothes as the weather is meant to be scorching for the rest of the week! I got some gorgeous roses from the local florist and we basked in the sun whilst enjoying lunch at the riverside. The weather was glorious, and I really felt like it was the perfect day.


After that we headed home to put the flowers in a vase and Facetime my family for a while, but we were desperate to get back out in the sun so we then decided to visit the nearby lake and farm. Despite Robbert using this as an opportunity to play Pokemon Go 95% of the time, it was such a nice afternoon. We got to go in a pen with goats and chickens and all sorts of other cuteness, and then we took a walk around the surrounding forest and lake area to make the most of the sunshine before heading for dinner.

We knew we wanted to go to our local Thai restaurant, because it is our absolute favourite! However, this time we opted for the takeout so we could eat in at home and chill out after our long day. The food was delicious, I had beef panang, glass noodle and chicken spring rolls and Robbert had chicken massaman and chicken satay skewers. The quality of the food at Khop Khun is excellent and, out of all of the Thai restaurants I have tried, I would say that it is the most authentic. The Som Tam is the best I’ve tried, although definitely the spiciest. I recommend it to pretty much everyone I know here and despite being a little on the pricey side, I love it when we decide to treat ourselves.

After satisfying our bellies with Thai goodness, we freshened up before Rob’s parents and our friends came over. My mother-in-law had kindly made me her amazing Appel Taart which made for the perfect dessert and they presented me with some thoughtful gifts that I was over the moon with. It was the perfect end to the greatest birthday weekend, and I am still wishing that it wasn’t over yet.

Nonetheless, here’s to 22. I hope that this year is as rewarding as those before it and that I can continue to be blessed by the most thoughtful and loving family and friends both in Holland and England alike.



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