COLOURPOP Haul: Review and Swatches


So, as I’m sure all of you beauty junkies out there are aware, Colourpop Cosmetics FINALLY introduced international shipping on July 12th 2016 and I was one of many around the world to wait in anticipation for this day to purchase a whole bunch of Colourpop products that I have wanted to try for a long time.


Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t order THAT much, in comparison to others, I am sure. As I simply cannot afford it. One thing that immediately disappointed me when filling my basket was realising that shipping was $25. Yes, you read that correctly, TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS shipping. That’s the equivalent of five of their super shock shadows, five shadows that, as a result, I deleted from my basket in order to make up for the costs, so gutted. Seriously, I did feel very disappointed, even $20 would have seemed steep to me, and at first I wasn’t sure I wanted to place an order anymore at all – but after wanting to try Colourpop and hearing amazing reviews for so long, I bit my tongue and just went for it. Goodbye $80 dollars. Sob.

Another thing that has disappointed me even further was not only did Colourpop charge that huge amount for shipping, they also did not take care of custom charges. That meant that I faced a ridiculous 25 euro customs charge upon arrival of my parcel, when it finally arrived today. Not only did it take a full week to process my order, (which is admittedly forgiven as they must have had thousands of orders in that day alone), on the dispatch email I was also told it could take up to TWENTY ONE BUSINESS DAYS to arrive at my apartment. Now, call me crazy but when a gal is paying $25 shipping, you would think that they would be a little more convenient and respectful of their customers. But that’s just me. In the end, my parcel took around 15 days to arrive after I made the order, so it wasn’t all bad…so, now I’ve got all of my complaining out of the way, let’s focus on the products!

First I must say that the price point of Colourpop cosmetics is absolutely fantastic for the quality. Each and every product I ordered was SO affordable, that, in a way, they made up for the additional costs. I got a fair amount of products for the price I paid, and so this is what I have to keep reminding myself when I think about how much I spent…


The first products I went to on the site were of course the Super Shock Shadows. After much debate, I settled with three super gorgeous shades: La La, Sequin and Game Face. I chose these, not only because they looked amazing, but because I have heard so many other bloggers rave about these ones and I think they are some of the brands best sellers, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong.

In terms of formula, honestly, these are the creamiest, most pigmented shadows I have ever, ever experienced. When I first put my finger on the product I couldn’t believe how silky the texture was, it really feels like no other shadow I have ever worked with. They also blend like a dream, so my anger about how much I paid for these products quickly began to fade.


Swatches from left to right: La La, Game Face and Sequin

Next I added some of the Ultra Matte Lips to my basket, as I am really into matte liquid lipsticks recently and they had some stunning colours. If you know me you know I am a very nude, peach or pink lip kinda gal, so the two shades I chose will come as no surprise: Midi and Solow.

The formula of the Ultra Mattes are gorgeous. They are very liquid-y, as I found immediately upon opening Midi, which proceeded to drip down my arm when I pulled out the wand to make a swatch…but they feel very comfortable on the lips to me. I’m yet to test their longevity but my first impressions are excellent and the shade range is to die for.



Swatches from top to bottom: Solow and Midi

I also chose to add some of the Lippie Stix to my basket, and I am not going to lie, it’s because I am a huge fan of Kathleen Lights and I will pretty much purchase anything she fangirls over. You’re probably wondering why I didn’t purchase any of her new collection, that came out later on the same day as international shipping, (and so am I, because damn that Alyssa colour looks bomb), but to be honest I was just so excited to get an order in and make sure I got the colours I really wanted without risk of selling out that I couldn’t wait. I should have though, because the site seemed to do VERY well in keeping up with stock. Anyway, I digress…the two Lippie Stix shades I chose were Lumiere and Cookie.

Both of the Lippie Stix I chose are matte formula but they feel SO creamy and comfortable on the lip. I have been wearing cookie on my lips pretty much since the parcel arrived and it has faded slightly but it is so, so beautiful. It is the perfect nude colour for me, despite being very pale it is still flattering and I just love the creamy texture of the Lippie Stix. Sorry for the rubbish swatch of these, I didn’t realise how bad the quality was until I uploaded, but as you can see below, Cookie is at the top and Lumiere is underneath.

Finally, I added a handful of Ultra Satin Lips to my basket because after looking at copious amounts of reviews and swatches I just felt like this formula would be the one I would enjoy the most. I was so right! Once again, they are all nudes, pinks and peachy colours, and the shades that I chose were: Littlestitious, Echo Park, Magic Wand and Dopey.


In terms of formula, the Ultra Satin Lips are extremely comfortable and just look so smooth on the lips. I have just removed my cookie lippie and replaced it for Littlestitious as I was DYING to try out this gorgeous colour. I am in love with it. The formula is so comfortable, I just had a snack and a drink and, despite the formula being something that does not dry down, it has not majorly transferred or been rubbed away at all. My lips are not sticking together, as I worried they might with this formula, there is a tiny bit of tackiness but nothing uncomfortable at all.


Swatches from top to bottom: Littlestitious, Magic Wand, Echo Park and Dopey.

Overall, the Ultra Satin Lips and Super Shock Shadows are my favourite purchases, but I honestly love every product I have bought. The colours are phenomenal, I didn’t dislike any of them at all and the formula is truly a dream for the price that you pay. I only wish that I lived in America so I didn’t have to deal with the ridiculous costs…I need to let that go, haha.

If you live in the US and haven’t tried these yet, I don’t know what you are waiting for. These Colourpop products are fantastic and I highly recommend you try them out. As for international buyers, I would greatly consider the shipping and handling costs you are likely to face, however, if you are not on a budget or feel like having a little splurge, then I say go for it! Don’t forget to sign up for the Colourpop newsletter before placing your order so you can use your $5 discount code (that’s a free eyeshadow!) and happy shopping!


I hope you enjoyed this post, despite my rambling and complaining for the most part. If you ordered from Colourpop using international delivery, please let me know your experience and how you found the charges! Also, let me know your favourite products and if you love any of the ones I bought too. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


With love always,

Loren X Hakeney



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