Makeup Geek: Review and Swatches


Today I FINALLY received my Makeup Geek order from Beauty Bay! I emphasised the ‘finally’, as I actually ordered this a few weeks ago, and it usually gets delivered to the Netherlands within 7 days, however, after waiting a while I realised it just was not coming so I got some help from the customer service team and found out there had been a technical problem with my order! Not ideal, but thankfully the team were really helpful and sorted it out instantly – I believe the same day I received a dispatch email and then it got delivered just less than a week later. Phew.


Anyway, let’s get into it! I already purchased 3 Makeup Geek eyeshadows not too long ago, as I wanted to test out the formula and see if I liked them before purchasing anything else. Needless to say, they are incredible. The pigmentation is amazing, they are creamy, easy to blend and they come in such an incredible range of colours and finishes. Also, can we just take a moment to also indulge in the beauty of Makeup Geeks packaging? Especially those duochrome eyeshadow pan packets, so gorgeous!

The shadows that I already owned were Blacklight (duochrome), Homecoming (shimmer) and my personal favourite, Cosmopolitan (shimmer).


Swatches top to bottom: Blacklight, Homecoming, Cosmopolitan

I decided, given that they are extremely affordable and some of the best quality eyeshadows I have ever tried, that I would purchase a few more. When looking at what shades I wanted to buy next, I also found that Beauty Bay stock the Makeup Geek Travel Vault Palette. They claim that this can fit 10 eyeshadows inside, meaning that you can essentially create your own go-to palette, which I love. However, from what I can see, you can only fit 9 shadows inside.


Eyeshadow pans with flash, left to right: Cosmopolitan, Homecoming, Shimma Shimma, Cupcake, Glamorous, I’m Peachless, Blacklight

Not to worry though, because I absolutely love the palette. It is a gorgeous design with a magnetic base for the eyeshadow pans to slot in nicely without falling out and it also has a huge mirror which is perfect for travel.


The following 4 eyeshadows that I decided to purchase were, the adored-by-many Shimma Shimma (shimmer), I’m Peachless (duochrome), Cupcake (matte) and Glamorous (shimmer).


Eyeshadow pans without flash, left to right: Cosmopolitan, Homecoming, Shimma Shimma, Cupcake, Glamorous, I’m Peachless, Blacklight.

Upon swatching, I liked them all for the most part. However, if I could go back I would definitely switch the I’m Peachless out for a different shade. I think it’s because I am so fair, but it just doesn’t pop on my skin tone at all. As you can see it the swatch, it simply looks like a less intense highlight shade with a hint of a peach reflective.

Shimma Shimma is a cult favourite that has been raved about by beauty gurus for a long time now, so it was only right that I purchased this as the main highlight colour for my travel palette. The consistency is fantastic, creamy and intense pigmentation, for sure. I love this colour, it is extremely shimmery which means that it still shows up really well on my fair skin. Love it!


Swatch: Shimma Shimma (shimmer)

As I mentioned above, I’m Peachless is definitely my least favourite out of all of my purchases. It is not the formula that is the problem, in fact I think the duochrome formula is absolutely fab, however, I just do not feel like my skin tone does this shade any justice. I hope when I start using it on my eyelids with a primer and a base shade I can bring it to life a bit more.


Swatch: I’m Peachless (duochrome)

Ah, cupcake! My first matte purchase and I am in love with it. Not only is the formula spot on but it is also the perfect dusty pink, not too light and not at all neon or too intense. I’m really looking forward to pairing this with the pale pink transition shade in my Morphe 12NB palette or some of the Naked 3 shades. Gorgeous!


Swatch: Cupcake (matte)

First, I am so sorry for the awful swatch of this one. I thought the first swatch wasn’t good enough so I went over again and seemingly made it worse, not better. But I hope you can get a feel for the shade nonetheless. It’s a gorgeous shimmery copper/gold/rusty colour which I think is going to look so wonderful with some warm brown and oranges, I also think I will probably pair this on the lid with Colourpop’s Game Face.


Swatch: Glamorous (shimmer)

Overall, I absolutely adore these eyeshadows. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future and I would recommend them to anyone looking for something different to try. I’m unsure how long Makeup Geek has been sold on Beauty Bay, but I was only made aware of this a few weeks ago, so I know that I am VERY late on the bandwagon, but I hope you enjoyed my swatches and review nonetheless!

Let me know which shades you recommend and which are your go-to’s and favourites! I always love and appreciate your recommendations.

Finally, and super off-topic, I would like to say that recently I have been debating on starting a vlog channel in addition to this blog – just to document my daily life, routine and make some fun videos to look back on over time. Let me know what you think!

Loren x



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