Name – Loren Hakeney

Age – 22

Nationality – British

Location – Amsterdam area

Languages – English (native) & Dutch (intermediate)

Contact – please contact me via my social media channels linked in the footer of this page or through the contact page directly.

Brief professional and academic overview

I have extensive experience as a freelance writer in the area of digital marketing and blogging. My current career role is Lead Marketing Associate at an incredible company called MOBGEN in central Amsterdam, which is part of Accenture Digital.

My choice of study at both Bachelors and Masters level was the field of Sociology, in line with some of my key interests; culture, space & place, human behaviour and qualitative social research.

I completed my Masters with an overall Distinction and was awarded the Rees Powell Prize for Best Dissertation in 2016.

For more information about my experience and my professional and academic achievements please visit my LinkedIn.